Where does your gift go ?


ALMS TV as a whole, including both broadcast and humanitarian aspects of the ministry. In the humanitarian aspect, we give the best and offer and also best support to the needy. Since you always want the best from God, therefore when you give, you should plant the best seed you have. Partnership, is the decision to give God your best. Your monthly gift of your choice will support .


Why become a partner ?

Partnering with ALMS TV means

partnering with us as INTERNATIONAL BETHEL MINISTRIES (IBM). Alms TV Partners have decided to commit themselves to the cause of Alms TV which is to reach a generation without faith and hope, telling the sweet story of our Lord Jesus Christ and reaching out to a troubled world with His compassion and generosity.


More about ALMS TV?

IBMinistries like any other God’s Ministry is a non-profit making organisation which relies on Partners and donors for the success of all its projects which are meant to spread God’s gospel. Without your partnering hand the success of the Ministries’ activities and projects slows down, therefore it is important for you to support God’s work through giving. One who gives with an open heart is sowing a seed in God’s field and he will reap in abundance. Imagine yourself having paid for a brick laid during construction, facilitating a seat during one service or feeding an orphan even just one meal would make a great difference in the eyes of God and He will reward you abundantly.

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By signing up on the form it means you have joined the partnership with ALMS (IBM). You will receive a message with a partnership number on your email and also on your mobile phone.


On the message that will be send, it will be having the partnership bank details. This allows you to send a bank transfer or to deposit money to ALMS partnership account.


Besides partnership money you can also send the items you want to donate using any form of transportation. The address is provided on our CONTACT US page.


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