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Whatever situation you are facing, God Has something to say about it.
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Shout Messages

Powerful wise words that will change your life, some of the videos are 2min, some less than 5 minutes. By watching the videos I see God changing your life from grass to Grace!!


Full Sermon

Watch full sermon, by the servant of God Prophet S.Sibisi, this will change your life completely. In these sermons, there is a prayer session, pray along and receive your Healing and Deliverance!!



Download, read and share powerful messages from the servant of God Prophet S.Sibisi. As you read each and every word, page, and sermon, I speak the power of God to be upon you and receive your heart desires.


Deliverance Testimony

There is nothing that is big that God can not fix, it might look big to our eyes but to God it is different. God provides the deliverance power to all situations that seem impossible to us

Anointed mantles Testimonies

God is wonderful, He can use any instrument to make sure that your life is different


Doctors, nurses and all medical officers have declared and have done all they can to prove you that you are sick. What does the Creator God say about that sickness? Your first Medical report will not be the last report, God will HEAL that sickness. See other testimonies

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Support the vision of the Church Changing lives Internationally and Alms TV vision The hand that gives and changes the world. Become a partner and be part of the vision.

Also check out TESTIMONIES that will change your life

As you view the testimonies, know this, YOU WILL ALSO TESTIFY. Whatever the devil has taken from you God will restore and renew it in Jesus mighty name

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